In the Birstonas park, on the river bank

So, you are planning to visit Birštonas. It’s just not worth coming, it’s worth coming and having a good time. Vacation, workation, log out and recharge. Designers and artists tried hard enough for you to find many “instagrammable” corners.

Not the same as at home

Of course, at home is the best. But you also know that sometimes you need to escape. Be somewhere different and elsewhere. The rooms are different than at home. Here you will find unexpected colours, games, mountains or water theme and most importantly, each number is different. Maybe you will be lucky enough to find a real boat instead of a wardrobe in your room 🙂

For little ones or young at heart forever

Suitable for absolutely everyone from birth. Unexpected rooms themes. Good atmosphere. Good beds, good Wi-Fi, a good gastro bar with night snacks, a children’s room with cozy hiding places (fun babysitter) and a self-service store. Why is ice cream in the picture? Because ice cream is included in the breakfast menu (for breakfast from 8 am, if you fall asleep, then from 10:30, well, but at 1 pm we already have lunch anyway).

Everyone is interested in the price list

Prices are listed here. Choose whats your interest. Find out how much it will cost. Then book it in a convenient time. Check in and check out online. Choose a room and pay. No need for receptionists who disappear like smoke just when they are urgently needed.

Come and write your own #EseNewStory