I want to eat!

An artistic, free environment where it’s just fun to be. We will feed the ferociously hungry full and fresh.
Products from Lithuanian eco-farms.
For an averagely hungry, there are really good snacks and drinks on the menu.

I want something tasty

“Something easy and refreshing for me!” – We will offer delicious desserts from Rūta, the hostess of the Ese (which we really like and eat quickly, so they don’t get old, they are always freshly prepared), chef’s delicacies, vegan cakes, a bit exotic, maybe crunchy.


Finally a vacation! Oh, not yet. But if you already work, it’s resort style. For workationers – uninterrupted Wi-Fi at a table in the Gastrobar.
When you need a break between work: breakfast from 8:00, brunch (the resort still wants to sleep) – from 10:30, the main menu from 12:00, dinner – after 18:00.

Weekend finally!

Fun weekend evenings after 9 p.m. with a DJ and some interesting people. Pop-up dinner once a month. Seminars or some interesting meetings – Don’t miss this! Arts, arts & ARTS and everyday is like holiday here!

So from when do we start work. Read more.