About seaweed and a saved seal

An ocean feeling in your bathtub, rustling of waves in a SPA: why #ESE is using an organic brand VOYA body care products (with seaweed!)? Maybe because seaweed is a force, maybe because 70 to 99.7% of organic ingredients in VOYA products, or maybe just because we love everyone who finds time to come to us and do not want to poison them in any way… (we will not mention brands) .

So why do we love VOYA? For a sustainable and ecological approach to operations, as they: 1. Collect seaweed from the Pacific by hand to protect the delicate coastal environment of the West of Ireland. 2. Contributes to> 6098 sq.m. protecting the world’s wildlife habitats by reducing carbon emissions. 3. Cares for seals and supports the rescuers of these amazing creatures, Seal Rescue Ireland. 4. All Voya care boxes can be composted. The packaging uses a special mixture of FSC-certified materials containing their own collected seaweed.

Whats not to love here? More about seaweed. This amazing plant survives by filtering nutrients from the ocean and absorbing huge amounts of minerals and vitamins. Antioxidant compounds found naturally in seaweed have that mystical restorative and moisturizing effect.

Enriched with the treasure of the Pacific, organic VOYA products will be waiting for you in #Ese Rooms and #eseSPA, because caring for your skin means loving every millimetre of it, every day.