Swim like a dolphin

When the bus passes, your reflection in the glass reflects for only a second. A cup of quality coffee is enough for 10 minutes. But we suggest stayin in the pool of #Ese until the skin of your fingers swells, wrinkles and feels: I WAS. I FEELED. ENJOYED. IT FELT GOOD.

New story about #eseSPA.
Previously, there was only a flat floor here. A deep pit then appeared. We now have a pool. And in the spring there will be a lot of everything here. There will be beauty, a good atmosphere, soft sun loungers for relaxing. One serious pool for adults, another massage pool with bubbles when you don’t feel like swimming. A warm pool for kids. Three saunas and quality massages.

What else is good? You can monitor the occupancy of the pool space in real time via our website or on the TV screen in the room. Why spend time with a lot of others when you can swim freely like a dolphin (or possibly like a frog)?