New Story

New premises are not a new story. It’s just new walls and new paint. How we build, how we paint, how we wait and how we feel is our new story. Our #Ese (Essay).

The essay is about that – about my, yours, our unique stories. An essay is a long monologue, An essay is a column of feelings, An essay is a captured photo moment.

See, experience, touch, inhale, hear, survive. Sometimes it’s the warmth of feeling good in your chest, and sometimes more – the thoughts you write, the photos you feel, the happiness you put into the melody. Each is unique.

First a draft for yourself and then a publication for everyone. Stop storing thoughts in yourself. Come to us and write down your #NewStory. (You can catch good inspiration in #Ese gastrobar, after a visit to the pool).

With love, #Ese